Deadpool vs Meliodas: Who Would Win?

Leader of the X-Force. The OP MC was able to regrow his head after having it pulverized by the Hulk. Against him in this fight is Meliodas, the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. The one who manages to overwhelm both the ancient Fairy and Giant Kings, Gloxinia and Drole, simultaneously.

Deadpool VS. Meliodas

While the red superhero’s primary power is an accelerated healing factor, Meliodas’ famous Full Counter ability enables him to reflect attacks aimed at him back at the enemy, but with more than double the power. Now, how would the Merc with a Mouth deal with THAT? Deadpool’s sword-fighting abilities against Meliodas’ Dragon Handle sword.  It’s going to be hilarious!

Deadpool vs Meliodas Who Wins? Verdict

Deadpool vs Meliodas

Meliodas wins! Check out the video Meliodas vs Deadpool below, or on our Instagram, and join the conversation.

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