Batman vs Nite Owl: Who Would Win?

For this battle report, we’ve picked two of the more special ones to face off against each other. Both are adult men in capes with pointy hats who skulk around at night. We present to you: Batman vs Nite Owl!

Batman’s Physicals and Abilities:

The justice league member was set on his path when young Bruce witnessed the death of his parents. His alias, Bruce Wayne is the CEO of Bruce Wayne Enterprises and thus a billionaire. This acts as a bottomless pit of money to be spent on anything his heart desires. Apparently, his heart desires kick-ass gadgets. A lot of them.

His strength reaches a max of 600 lbs (Detective Comics #484) – 2500 lbs (Batman Odyssey #2.) Batman can run 20 miles at a pace of 4 minutes and 50 seconds per mile. That works out to be about a 12.4 mph pace.

He’s pretty fast. Technology is where Batman shines. His Bat Suit is made out of Kevlar and Titanium and is bullet-proof, blast-proof, and smash-proof. And the list goes on. His famous utility belt holds a host of nerve toxins, bearings, grappling lines, and more. This coupled with his peak human strength, fitness, and knowledge of martial arts indeed makes for a force to be reckoned with.

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Batman vs Nite Owl


Despite being in peak human condition, he is still just that – Human. Unfortunately, he wasn’t gifted with any superhuman abilities, which means he can be hurt just like the rest of us. But will he let anyone get the upper hand on him His demons are another issue and could just be the thing to leverage in order to get him to drop his guard? Witnessing the death of your parents can’t leave you in very good shape.

Nite Owl Physicals and Abilities:

Nite Owl was created by Dan Dreiberg in order to continue the legacy of the original Owlman, a masked vigilante to that Dan looked up. Watchmen is based on old Charlton characters. DC Comics bought the comics publisher’s characters and adopted the characters into the DC universe, and combined the two universes. And so Blue Beetle became Night Owl.

Witnessing his father’s abuse of his mother might have made him a bit more introverted as a child, but he is largely friendly and jovial. As a skilled inventor, Nite Owl has many gadgets to help him through special circumstances: Night vision goggles, respirator masks, smoke bombs, etc. But he relies largely on his superhuman abilities to take out the bad guys. Nite Owl has superhuman strength and is an expert fighter who seems to have a keen sense of justice and largely doesn’t seem to cause unnecessary harm.

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Despite his superhuman abilities, Dan doesn’t seem to have the conviction and drive to fight crime. All it took to get him to quit was the passed Keene Act that banned masked vigilantes. He was taken out by a piece of legislation. In addition to that, while he has some cool gear, it just seems lacking from what other vigilantes out there have. I guess he is just not that committed to fighting the good fight.

Battle Report Final Results: Batman vs Nite Owl Who Wins?

While being slightly damaged goods, Batman seems to keep going no matter what. His skills – Ace. His technology – Ace. But is that enough to take out someone with legit superhuman powers? Ok, maybe he’s not all that committed, but do you really need to be all in when you have superhuman strength to fall back on? We’ve seen Nite Owl at his best. Let’s face it, it’s pretty darn good. Will it be enough to take out Batman?

So, who wins this Batman Faceoff? Check out the battle report final score below:

Batman vs Nite Owl: Who Would Win?

Batman vs Nite Owl: Faceoff

Batman vs Nite Owl
Batman vs Nite Owl

Batman vs Nite Owl, Who Wins?
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