Alita vs Raiden: Who Would Win?

We present a battle report for the second round of The Epic Battles League. It’s Alita vs Raiden! The battle of the droids!

Alita vs Raiden

Alita isn’t as fragile as her looks might suggest. Her berserker body is strong enough to hold up her entire body weight on one finger. Her abilities include plasma manipulation, hat empowers her attacks and weapons. Alita is known for her prowess as a practitioner of the powerful forgotten cyborg martial art Panzer Kunst. Together with her tremendous flexibility and hacking abilities, she is a badass Motorsport gladiator warrior.

Raised as a child soldier in Liberia, Raiden’s mental state and capacity are well suited to dangerous operations. After becoming a cyborg, he possessed incredible superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. Due to his body’s design, Raiden can generate electricity and even demonstrates lightning-like power which can strike down his opponents.

Alita vs Raiden Who Wins? Verdict

Who can tell which one of these athletic gladiators comes up on top and who goes back to the factory? One thing’s for sure the metal pounding’s gonna keep the neighbors up all night. Raiden wins!

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