15 Best Superhero Anime Shows to Stream Online

15 Best Superhero Anime Shows to Stream Online

Anime Superheroes have always been popular in movies and TV shows. The presence of a superhero makes the movie or show worth watching. In the vast tapestry of anime storytelling, the superhero genre unfolds as a canvas of boundless imagination, weaving tales of courage, extraordinary powers, and moral complexities. While “My Hero Academia” has undoubtedly … Read more

Ring the Bell: A Hilarious and Honest Review of WWE 2K23

Ring the Bell- A Hilarious and Honest Review of WWE 2K23

Hey, hey, hey! It’s WrestleMania time, and I’m here to give you the lowdown on WWE 2K23! I gotta tell you guys, I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. The drama, the athleticism, the brawls, the feuds, the history, the larger-than-life personalities… it’s all my jam! From Ric … Read more

50 Anime Where the MC is Op But Hides his Power

anime where mc is op but hides it

Anime Where MC is OP is a type of genre most fans enjoy. But when the protagonist decides to hide his/her powers it makes us more curious to watch. We relate to the type of main characters who are bullied until they burst with extraordinary strength. It gets even more exciting when an overpowered MC … Read more

Best 25 Anime Like Rising Shield Hero

anime like Rising of the Shield Hero

If you’re looking for anime like Rising of the Shield Hero that shares themes of fantasy, and action with hints of romance and betrayal in the plot, then look no further. Rising of the Shield Hero tells the story of the kingdom of Melromarc. It depends on the Four Cardinal Heroes to protect it from … Read more

15 Anime Like Overlord Set in a VR World!

anime like overlord

If you are looking for Anime Like Overlord, we have your next binge sorted. These animes will appeal to fans who are looking for similar anime that is based around worldbuilding set in a virtual reality world. Overlord is a story about a virtual reality game named Yggdrasil. The game is scheduled to shut down … Read more